Pokemon Cosplayer Give Magikarp A Poolside Makeover

Pokemon lovers want to be the best fans like none before them ever were. As the franchise grows older, millions of fans who grew up with the series are taking their own spin on the franchise, and anime cosplayers are embracing Pokemon more so than ever before.

So if you have ever wanted to see Magikarp turn into a human, then you better prepare. A cosplay pro turned the famously useless Pokemon into a underwater warrior worthy of any gym leader.

Taking to Instagram, a user known as beebinch posted their Magikarp look online for all to see.

“Magikarp used FLEX,” the fan wrote. “Yall this is my whole a— first time ever making armor using eva foam and worbla and dare I say... i kinda went off.”


As you can see, this swimsuit cosplay imagines Magikarp as a female warrior with more in common than Aquaman than Misty. With long red hair and orange ears, the Magikarp cosplayer made ornate armor to bulk up their muse. The main pieces of the cosplay revolve around an orange-and-white bikini, but the details are what make the look. The cosplay’s gauntlets, necklace, crown, and scales evolve the look to a new level so high even the Elite Four would be scared.

So, what do you make of this Magikarp cosplay...? Let me know in the comments!

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