Pokemon Cosplay Imagines Villainous Jessie Of Team Rocket Fame

Since Ash Ketchum started his journey to "becoming the very best", he has been hounded by the villainous members of Team Rocket, and one Pokemon fan has shared some remarkable Cosplay depicting the sinister side of the female equation of the menacing trio in Jessie. Though Team Rocket has yet to achieve their goal of swiping Ash's Pikachu throughout the decades of stories in the anime, that hasn't stopped them from attempting to steal as many pocket monsters as they can, with Pokemon Journeys giving them a serious upgrade when it comes to new technology that allows them to call upon insanely powerful creatures.

With James, he had found himself leaving an affluent lifestyle to join the criminal ranks of Team Rocket, but Jessie had always been a part of the criminal network. With her mother being originally a part of the criminal organization, Jessie found herself attempting to originally become a Pokemon nurse but would fall in with a "bad crowd" and become one of the most ruthless members of a biker gang that would lead her to follow in her parent's footsteps. Holding a large number of jobs before she became the full-fledged criminal mastermind, she definitely remains one of the most popular villains of the anime franchise to this day.

Instagram Cosplayer Lie_Chee shared this nefarious new take on one of the most popular members of Team Rocket, who is still attempting to add to the ranks of the criminal organization that is always looking for more powerful Pokemon to do their bidding in the world:

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As mentioned earlier, Jessie has been given an insane power-up thanks to the new tech given to her, James, and Meowth, though that still hasn't granted them victory over Ash and Goh. During Ash's journey in the Alola Region, both Jessie and James were able to make it into the Tournament themselves but ultimately weren't able to score a victory and take the crown, with Ketchum finally getting that honor for himself for the first time.


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