Create Your Own Pikachu with This New Japanese Plush

Throughout the decades of Ash Ketchum's adventures within the animated series of Pokemon, he has been joined by his stalwart friend and number one pocket monster in Pikachu, and now, fans of the series can have their own plush version of the iconic figure thanks in part to, ironically enough, Sega. Pokemon originally premiered on the video game console of Nintendo's Game Boy, making it all the more ironic that Sega is the one to produce these Pikachu plushies considering that the Pokemon series has been released exclusively onto Nintendo consoles when it comes to the world of video games.

Sega's "Who Are You" line will create balls of fluff that are able to be unfurled, revealing their true adorable selves for those who bought the cute mascots. With the Pikachu versions of these fluffy plushies set to be released later this fall, three different versions of the electric rodent will be made available for fans to "catch" for around $36 USD. The main hook of "Who Are You" is that those who bought the plushies don't know what kind of animal they are getting until they arrive and water is used to show just what beast they are.

Fans will have the opportunity to pick up one of, if not all of, these Pikachu plushies from Sega later this year, with the yellow electric rodents differing from one another thanks in part to their facial expressions, which aren't TOO different from one another when all is said and done:

Pokemon Plush Pikachu
(Photo: Sega)

In the current season of the anime, Pokemon Journeys, Pikachu is still by Ash's side as he battles following the major victory the pair had achieved during the Alola League Tournament. Recently, Pikachu was able to dodge a bullet where he nearly was evolved into his next form of Raichu, something that the yellow icon has been avoiding for years. With Ash and Pikachu looking to not separate any time soon, the iconic mascot of the Pokemon franchise is sure to have many more battles to its name down the line of the anime series. We'll be crossing our fingers that this Pokemon plushie is successful for other potential pocket monsters to get similar treatment.


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Via SoraNews24