Pokemon Preview Teases an Island of Dragonites

Pokemon's newest anime series has been running for a couple of months now in Japan, and while [...]

Pokemon's newest anime series has been running for a couple of months now in Japan, and while there is currently no legal way for fans in other regions to enjoy the newest series until it gets an officially licensed release, the anime has been a huge hit as details from this newest series have made their way online. As Ash and newest hero to the anime series Go return to previously visited regions in the franchise, the anime has brought a lot more of the series' fan favorites to the screen after keeping them out of the tv series for quite some time.

This has been especially great for fans of the franchise's original Kanto region. The anime has based Ash and Go's new adventures out of Kanto, so the anime has provided time for tons of cameos from the original 151. This means that there's now a chance for favorites like Dragonite's evolutionary line to make their way into these new adventures too.

The next episode of the series teases an entire island of Dragonites as the preview for Episode 10 of the series, titled "The Dragonite Paradise, Dragonair's Trial" teases Ash and Go making quick friends with a wayward Dragonair on this mysterious stormy island that they stumble on.

The episode is described as such, "After watching an interview with a person rescued by the Dragon Pokemon [Dragonite] on the news, [Ash] and Go get really interested in [Dragonite]...when Professor Sakuragi tells them that there's rumored to be an 'island where only the Dragon Pokemon [Dragonite] live,' they immediately decide to go and search for it. They head out to sea riding on Go's newly caught Pokemon [Dewgong], but run into a sudden storm on the way. The two get swept by the waves and wash ashore on an island, where they're met by..."

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