Pokemon: Twilight Wings Shares Release Date for Final Episode

Pokemon: Twilight Wings has been a success with fans since day one, but the miniseries is about to end. The Galar-centric series promised to release seven episodes that would give fans a better look at life in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Now, the show is closing in on episode seven, and a release date has been set for the finale.

The update came from Youtube after The Pokemon Company set the premiere date for episode 7. The show has aired exclusively on Youtube since episode one, and it seems episode seven will go live later this week on August 6 at 10:00 PM JST.

The final episode will follow Leon as the reigning Pokemon World Champion heads into the ring once more. Promos for the episode imply the finale will wrap up all the loose ends in Pokemon: Twilight Wings. After all, fans still have questions about the hospitalized boy they met at the anime's start, so we are hoping Leon can answer them for us all.

This miniseries has been a joy for fans to watch as many have applauded its quality and emotional punches. The show, which Studio Colorido animates, puts careful focus characters and how Pokemon fit into everyday life for those living in the Pokemon Universe. The realities of living with Pokemon are oftentimes surprising to fans, and netizens have been wowed by how Pokemon: Twilight Wings has handled the topic. So as this final episode nears its debut, now would be a great time to revisit the show's earlier installments.

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