Pokemon Journeys Teases Fans with New Episode Titles

Pokemon Journeys has put Ash Ketchum into some of the toughest battles he's ever encountered, taking him on a worldwide tour following his win within the Alola League Tournament, and the series has dropped a number of new episode titles and summaries to give fans an idea of where the series is headed in the near future! With Ash joining his new friend Gou as the pair add stronger and stronger pocket monsters to their rosters, the ultimate challenge of battling against the current champion of Galar looms large on the horizon for our favorite trainer.

Pokemon Journeys recently made the rounds in the news thanks to its arrival in North America on the streaming service of Netflix, and with the hiatus of the anime ending following the delays caused by the coronavirus pandemic, audiences are once again following the trainers' adventures through the world. The most recent adventure of Ash saw a hilarious encounter with a Magikarp that had trained to the point where it was able to jump into the stratosphere, having fans remember when the Naruto anime did something similar with the Konoha ninja of Rock Lee. Needless to say, the upcoming episode titles and summaries show that Ash and Gou are going to have a lot on their plates!

Twitter User EntityMays shared the upcoming summaries for the anime of Pokemon Journeys, seemingly placing spotlights on Pikachu, Hinbass, and Celebi as Ash Ketchum works toward his goal of defeating one of the most celebrated trainers the world over in Leon:

Fans have been surprised by the latest season of Pokemon not simply because it has introduced new adventures to Ash and the new right hand man in Gou, but also because it has been adding some of the strongest pocket monsters to Ketchum's stable that the young trainer has ever acquired. With the likes of Dragonite, Gengar, and more at his side, Ketchum has never been in a stronger spot.

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