Pokemon Journeys Synopsis Teases Major Pikachu vs Ash Rift

Pokemon Journeys has been trying its hand as some daring story arcs, and it seems like Pikachu is about to step into one soon. The show made a comeback earlier this summer after the COVID-19 pandemic forced it into hiatus. Since its return, Pokemon Journeys has hit up fans with several lighthearted episodes, but that will change soon enough when Pikachu decides to run away from Ash Ketchum.

And yes, you did read that right. Pikachu is ready to ditch Ash, but it isn't because the monster wants to do so. When the Electric-type grows jealous of Ash's Riolu, Pikachu feels like he has no other option than to run away in episode 30.

The episode, which will be titled "The Reluctant Pikachu", put out its first synopsis earlier this week. Fans have since turned the blurb around in English, and it was there fans learned about the brewing tension between Pikachu and Ash.

Pokemon Anime Ash Pikachu Surprise
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"After winning an official Pokemon World Championships battle, the Emanation Pokemon Riolu is feeling like a million bucks. But Ash's fixation on training Riolu pushes Pikachu's patience to its limits, and it ends up leaving the Sakuragai Laboratories. Mr. Mime chases after it in an attempt to hold it back, but Pikachu is set in its way. Where does the road this duo is heading down lead them," the synopsis reads.

As you can tell, the Pokemon Journeys blurb is a hefty one, and it touches upon Pikachu's growing animosity towards Riolu. Ash's partner is used to being the center of attention, but things began changing when Riolu showed up. Ash wants to train up the Pokemon so it can become a Lucario, but that means he must become good friends with Riolu. This is a bit unusual for Pikachu to deal with, and it seems episode 30 will see the starter hit his limits. But if anything is for certain, it is that Ash and Pikachu will always reconcile and return to one another.


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