New Pokemon Promo Teases Mewtwo's Long-Awaited Comeback

When it comes to Pokemon, fans have been paying close attention to the anime and its upcoming arc. After all, Mewtwo is slated to return in the epic installment, and fans are eager to learn more about his return. The biggest question about the arc remains which Mewtwo fans are about to meet, and it seems Pokemon Journeys is going to reunite Ash with the Legendary he met way back in 1999.

This information went live after a new promo was made public for Pokemon Journeys. The reel teases the upcoming Mewtwo arc in all of its splendor. The action-packed clip can be seen below, and one fan was kind enough to translate its dialogue into English.

And most importantly, the dialogue shares an important update on Mewtwo. It seems the Pokemon knows Ash and vice versa. This means it is very likely that the Mewtwo in this arc is the one from the very first Pokemon movie. So if you have been waiting to see the Legendary monsters once again, your time is coming.

The clip shows Ash staring up at Mewtwo in awe, and he calls out to the Pokemon without the aid of his Poke Dex. Mewtwo is quick to ask the pair why they have come before him, and Goh steps in to share his dream of finding Mew. It seems like Mewtwo isn't keen on letting that happen, and he challenges the trainers to a battle (via AshandSerena).

"Very well," the Legendary says. "Let's fight for that dream of yours!"


Clearly, Mewtwo is just as protective of Mew as ever, and it will fall to our heroes to persuade the Legendary into backing down. After all, it will be hard to track down Mew without help, and Mewtwo could certainly help Goh reach his dream. But if the Legendary still has a chip on his shoulder - well, this Pokemon Journeys fight is going to be a nasty one.

What do you think about this new promo? Do you think Mewtwo's arc will be a good one? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.