Pokemon Journeys Reveals Unova's New Champion

Pokemon Journeys has recently featured some big names returning to the world of Ash Ketchum and Goh, with the former recently being reunited with his Pokemon that he has collected over his long journey to becoming one of the best trainers the world has ever seen, and it seems as if the champion of the Unova Region has been revealed. With Ash still attempting to defeat the Galar Region's trainers, including that locale's current champion in Leon, it's clear that Ketchum has another big roadblock standing in his way and the champion of Unova might be far more familiar than he realizes.

The latest season of the popular anime franchise has seen both Ash and Goh capturing some of the strongest creatures that they've ever encountered, with Ketchum adding the likes of Gengar, Dragonite, and more to his roster in preparation for his battles against Galar's heaviest hitters. With Ash set to battle against his former companion in Iris, setting the stage for a dragon battle that might shake the foundation of the Earth. Lo and behold, Iris has apparently been up to a lot since the last time we saw her in the anime series, being crowned as the new champion of the Unova region.

The Official Twitter Account for Pokemon's anime released the big news that Iris was the latest champion of the Unova Region, which first appeared during Pokemon Black And White that made landfall on the Nintendo DS in 2011:

Iris herself has clearly made a name for herself as a dragon trainer, but with this new championship under her belt, it's clear that she has hit some new heights in her time away from Ash and his journey.


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