Pokemon Journeys Surprises with Goh's Galarian Legendary Catch

Pokemon Journeys: The Series has finished off its huge arc based on Pokemon Sword and Shield with the newest episode, and it surprised with Goh's (and technically Ash Ketchum's as well) Galarian Legendary Pokemon catch. Episode 45 of the series recently aired in Japan, and it capped off the four episode arc adapting the Darkest Day story from the Pokemon Sword and Shield games. The first few episodes of the arc saw Ash and Goh returning to the Galar region to investigate why Pokemon were randomly Dynamaxing across the region, and ended with them facing down against the massive Legendary, Eternatus.

The cliffhanger from the previous episode officially introduced Eternatus to the anime series as it began to run amok, and the newest episode tasked both Ash and Goh with facing off against the Legendary by themselves as first teased with the updated opening theme sequence for the series debuted several episodes ago. But like the original arc, it ended with a major catch.

Episode 45 of the series began with Ash and Goh battling against Chariman Rose and his assistant Oleana respectively, and after they managed to take those two down they find Leon struggling to keep up against Eternatus. Making matters tougher, Eternatus kept drawing in Galar energy particles and eventually unlocked its Gigantamax form that was an even stronger opponent than Leon could handle.

When he was taken out of the battle, Ash and Goh had to fight off against the Gigantamax Eternatus all on their own and eventually manage to get the better against the massive Pokemon thanks to some help from the Legendaries, Zacian and Zamazenta. Much like the Darkest Day arc of the games, this means Eternatus is able to be caught and thus Goh decides to throw a Poke Ball.


With help from Ash when the ball grows to a huge size, the two of them successfully capture Eternatus. Unfortunately for fans who wanted to see Goh with a Legendary for the rest of the series, he decides to hand it over to Galarian authorities before the episode comes to an end. But it's still logged in his Pokedex as a major catch!

Surprised to see Ash and Goh defeat and catch Eternatus in Pokemon Journeys: The Series? Which Legendaries are you hoping to see Ash and Goh take on next? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!