Pokemon Journeys Surprises with Goh's First Fossil Pokemon Catch

Pokemon Journeys: The Series has seen Goh catch a number of surprising Pokemon over the course of the series thus far, but the newest episode certainly was the most surprising with Goh's first Fossil Pokemon catch. The newest episode of the series saw Ash and Goh exploring a research facility full of Pokemon fossils where they had the opportunity to dig up and potentially restore one for their own team. Goh's lucky streak continues following a strong showing against Flygon as he ended up finding an Old Amber buried in the dirt.

When Aerodactyl was first spotted in the newest opening theme for the series, fans were quick to speculate over which team that the Fossil Pokemon would be joining. While many were hoping Ash would catch this popular monster, things seemed to lean more towards Goh being the one to catch it. For fans familiar with Old Amber, they were immediately aware that Goh actually found the DNA of Aerodactyl.

Team Rocket eventually gets involved and have Aerodactyl restored before it's supposed to, and it runs wild for a while before Goh shows a bit maturity from his journey thus far and calls Aerodactyl down. Speaking to it calmly, the Aerodactyl then agrees to join his team from then on.

Goh may not be the traditional kind of Pokemon battler that Ash is, but he's still building up an intimidating roster for his team should he decide to get into the battles fully. He's one of the first main characters to get an Aerodactyl for himself, and now the sky's the limit for what he could catch next. What do you think?

What did you think seeing Goh catch his first Fossil Pokemon in the newest episode? Where does Aerodactyl rank among your favorite Goh catches in Pokemon Journeys: The Series so far? Do you think Goh will be using Aerodactyl as a member of his team going forward? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!