New Pokemon Promo Teases Suicune's Surprising Trainer

Pokemon Journeys has given Ash and his new friend Goh some seriously stacked Pokemon rosters, with [...]

Pokemon Journeys has given Ash and his new friend Goh some seriously stacked Pokemon rosters, with the two trainers looking to achieve their goals of becoming the best in the world, and it seems as if the return of the Legendary Pokemon Suicune might come with a surprise trainer! Ash and Goh might have some strong pocket monsters at their disposal in their current quest to defeat some of the strongest trainers of the Galar Region, but either of them being able to capture Suicune would put them on a whole different level when it comes to adding a Legendary creature to their rosters!

For those who might not be familiar with this legendary Pokemon, Suicune is one of the strongest creations of the second generation of the video game/anime phenomenon. Presented as a Water Type, it was first introduced in the video game Pokemon Crystal but then had subsequent appearances in the anime during Ash Ketchum's quest to become the greatest Pokemon trainer that the world has ever seen. When Ash and his friends first ran into Suicune, Ketchum attempted to capture it but had little success in adding the legendary Pokemon to his roster, but it seems as if a certain trainer who has been traveling alongside the protagonist of the series might have a shot of his own!

Twitter User Anipoke Fandom shared this preview of the upcoming episode of Pokemon Journeys, in which it was hinted that Goh might in fact succeed where Ash had failed and add one of the most recognizable Legendary Pokemon to his roster:

Pokemon Journeys has seen Ash and Goh face their best victories and worst defeats in their respective careers, but should the pair actually manage to get their hands on this Legendary Pokemon, it would definitely change the course of their futures and give them a serious advantage against the Galar trainers and the current champion in Leon!

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