Pokemon: Twilight Wings Releases Final Episode - Watch

The end of an era has come for the Pokemon anime, and it is a hard one to part with. Today marks the premiere of Pokemon: Twilight Wings episode seven, and the debut will bring the miniseries to an end. The praised miniseries has been embraced by anime lovers and gamers alike. And as you can see above, this final thrilling episode is all about the Champion Leon.

The episode begins with a look back at Galar as all of the region's trainers are asked about Leon for an interview. The cute bit is followed up by a flashback of John as the boy discovers something strange about Leon. It is this quirk that leads the boy to become a fan of Leon, and that path gives him a path to the Pokemon World Championships later on.

The Pokemon: Twilight Wings episode is tense enough when John reveals he overslept the day of the battle, but fate was on his side. During a tax ride to the arena, John runs into a wandering Leon in the wild area, and the pair decide to fly freely to the arena. John and Leon are able to share a touching heart-to-heart moment, and the battle Leon has once he reaches the stadium is gorgeous, to say the least.

pokemon twilight wings
(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

At just seven episodes, it is hard to overstate how much content was put into Pokemon: Twilight Wings despite its brevity. The slice-of-life series was not only beautifully animated, but it allowed the Galar region to breathe. While the video game is a linear story, Pokemon: Twilight Wings weaved a narrative that audiences say took them by total surprise. So if The Pokemon Company wants to come out with another season, netizens would gladly tune in!

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