Pokemon Journeys Releases New 'Sword and Shield' Episode Synopsis

Pokemon Journeys: The Series has officially begun a new arc based on Pokemon Sword and Shield with the newest episode of the series, and the synopsis for the next episode of the series teases the next phase of this major arc. Announced earlier this Summer, Pokemon Journeys has now begun a new arc based on the Darkest Day storyline from the original Pokemon Sword and Shield games. This arc has brought Ash and Goh back to Galar to investigate the strange goings on in the region, and the next episode teases they'll be getting closer to that mystery.

Episode 43 of the series is titled "Sword and Shield II: Darkest Day" and the synopsis for the episode begins by laying out the major mystery sparked during the first episode of the arc, "Pokemon that have grown gigantic are running wild?! [Ash and Goh] set off to investigate an incident that has taken place in the Galar region."

As the synopsis continues, it confirms that Ash and Goh will be splitting off into their own respective investigations, "And when they arrive, they see groups of Pokemon that have grown gigantic running wild! To resolve this crisis, [Ash] joins up with [Leon], the Greatest of Them All, while [Goh] tries to solve the mystery alongside Sonia, who aims to become a Pokemon Professor."

Pokemon Journeys Sword Shield Arc Ash Chairman Rose
(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

The synopsis for Episode 43 teases the greater mystery, however, as a mysterious organization appears to be the root of the rampaging Dynamax Pokemon across the region, "An organization that intends to bring back the [Darkest Day], the disaster that struck the Galar region in the distant past, are working behind the scenes of this incident!"


The first episode of the Sword and Shield arc confirmed a few of the elements this synopsis is teasing as it saw Ash and Goh separated when they take on Galar's Legendary Pokemon for the first time. But it seems that with the second episode of the new arc, the two of them will find out more of what's going on in Galar in the first place before making their next move.

Are you excited to see Pokemon Journeys: The Series taking on the Darkest Day arc from Pokemon Sword and Shield? What are you hoping to see before the arc wraps up? Which new Pokemon or characters are you hoping make an appearance? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!