New Pokemon Synopsis Teases Raihan's Arrival

The Galar Region has been a big part of the latest season of Pokemon's anime, and it seems as if some recently discovered synopsis for upcoming episodes has revealed that a certain dragon-type trainer of pocket monsters will be making his first officiall arrival into the series. Fans have been awaiting for the arrival of Raihan, the gym leader of Hammerlocke from Pokemon Sword And Shield for some time, with the series already introducing us to Galar's number one champion in Leon. With this synopsis, it appears as if Riahan is going to have to go through a tough "initiative process"!

Raihan, in Pokemon Sword And Shield, on the Nintendo Switch acted as the last big challenge that aspiring trainers had to overcome before they marched forward on their journey to take on Leon and become the new champion of the Galar Region. With a ton of dragon-type Pokemon under his belt, Raihan most assuredly earner his place within the roster of Galar trainers and we expect him to retain his skills from video game to anime. Tatsuhisa Suzuki, the voice behind Ban in The Seven Deadly Sins as well as countless other anime characters, will be lending his talents to bringing Raihan to life in the upcoming episode!

Twitter User Arkeus88 shared a number of synopses for upcoming episodes of Pokemon Journeys, with the episode titled "The Legend of Heroes! Dande's Ultimate Battle!" apparently looking to give us our first anime introduction to Raihan and his skills as the dragon-type trainer who earned his place as the gym leader of Hammerlocke:

Pokemon: Twilight Wings, the spin-off series that has taken viewers through an in-depth look at the Galar Region and those who live within it, has done a fantastic job of showing us some of the biggest gym leaders within the region. With aspects introduced to us from the game such as Dynamaxing and Wild Areas, it's clear that the anime franchise still has a lot for us to explore in Galar and we can't wait to see the upcoming battle that takes place between Leon and his "rival" in Raihan!

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