New Pokemon Anime Reveals Team Rocket's Updated Design

Pokemon is having a busy year with its anime. Not long ago, fans learned Pokemon the Series: Sun and Moon was ending after a successful run. The show will return in November with an all-new season, and it will be one unlike any other. Not only will the show feature all-new leads as well as locations, but it is going to give everyone a big makeover.

And yes, that does include some of your favorite bad guys. It turns out Team Rocket is getting a big makeover, and fans can see how Jesse and James will look thanks to an all-new promo.

Over on Twitter, Pokemon fans were gifted with their first-look at Team Rocket. You can see the visual below as it shows off Jesse and James as expected. The pair are joined by Mewoth, that's right! Oh, and Wobbuffet can be found to the side as well.

As you can see, Jesse and James look a bit cartoonish. The look is not quite as exaggerated as the design seen in Sun and Moon. There is a solid aesthetic mix between Pokemon's latest anime and its older days. If anything, Jesse looks the most caricaturized with her expression, but her features aren't as extra as they have been in the past.

Mouth looks much the same as he did in Pokemon the Series: X and Y. However, his expression is more open than before. It is hard to tell with Wobbuffet given his morose look, but his design is sitting well with fans. Now, audiences are eager to learn whether Bewear will show up in this new anime to follow Team Rocket like it has been, so here's to hoping the Pokemon shows up!


If you are excited to see this take on Team Rocket, then you will see it soon enough. The anime will debut its new series on November 17, and Jesse will be after Ash with James as always. The hero will be traveling through multiple regions including Galar as he continues his quest to become a Pokemon master. He will be joined by a new lead trainer named Gou, so fans can mark their calendar for this premiere ASAP.

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