Official Personality Quiz Matches Fans with Their Trainer, Pokemon

If you were to give fans of Pokemon the possibility of becoming a trainer, many would take up the offer on the spot. The franchise has grown with millions if not billions of fans over the year, making it one of the most lucrative companies in the world. This year, fans will be able to explore nostalgia with Pokemon when a certain mobile game comes out, but franchise isn't about to let fans twiddle their thumbs until the app goes live.

No, it turns out The Pokemon Company has a quiz for fans to take, and it will help them get ready for Pokemon Masters.

Recently, the Japanese website for Pokemon Masters put up a special quiz that allows fans to learn more about their Pokemon alter ego. The official test will tell fans the trainer-Pokemon they are most like, and it doesn't take long to finish.

As always, this test is only available in Japanese, but you can follow along with it using online translators from Google. The quiz begins with users being given a phone that's tasked with assessing their trainer-Pokemon interests. The questions are fairly random moving forward as they come up with various hypothetical situations a trainer might be faced with. After a handful of questions, the phone will spit out your results, and I was assigned Howl and Raichu a la Pokemon: Sun and Moon.

"You are an innocent and free person who is not bound by stereotypes. It may be said you're like carefree child or don't act your age. Your life is sometimes surprises and enviable," the quiz reads.

While I'm ready to debate my result, there are plenty available through this quiz. You can take it for free here before Pokemon Masters makes its official iOS and Android launch on August 29.

If this quiz isn't quite what you were looking for, then there is no need to panic! You can still live your best life and find out your Spirit Pokemon thanks to a different quiz. Earlier this year, a personality quiz surfaced in Japan made by The Pokemon Center for potential employees of Japan's Pokemon Centers. The personality quiz is far more in depth than this new test, and it will assign fans a carefully curated Pokemon that suits their personality.


So, what results did this quizk give you? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!