Scrapped Pokemon Design Turns Slowbro's Tail Into A Monster

Of all the Pokemon in existence, across the franchise's numerous generations, perhaps none is stranger than Slowbro. An aquatic type Pokemon that seems to have another pocket monster attached to its tail, the large pink obstacle is the evolutionary form of Slowpoke, a "cousin" to the other evolutionary form of Slowking, and one ring under the ladder beneath Mega Slowbro. Needless to say, the water based creature has quite the strange series of evolutions with a bizarre personality to match, though an unearthed design for one part of the equation of the Pokemon may explain a bit more about it.

Twitter User Dr.LavaYT uncovered this original design for the creature named Turban, originally slated to release as a member of the large cast of pocket monsters that made up the games of Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver respectively:

There are a number of different ways that Pokemon evolve. One of the tried and true ways for the pocket monsters is too simply live through enough battles that they gain the right amount of experience to move up to the next level. Another such method is with special stones that allow them to bypass the aforementioned training, such as Ash's Pikachu almost evolving into a Raichu thanks to the Thunder Stone. Slowbro's evolution is downright perplexing however as it takes a different route.

Pokemon Slowbro
(Photo: OLM Inc)

When a Slowpoke "evolves", it simply sticks its tail into the ocean and waits. When a Turban has latched onto its tail, the evolution into a Slowbro is complete. The two pocket monsters are latched together for life, making the "evolution" a permanent one. The Slowking evolution uses a special rock, much like the Thunder Stone, titled the King's Rock that transforms a Slowpoke into this regal incarnation.

Originally appearing in the Pokemon anime episode, "The Evolution Solution", Slowpoke proved that its slow and vacant demeanor hid a battle power that managed to knock Team Rocket into the outer stratosphere. From here, the aquatic based Pokemon made several other appearances in the anime and has been a mainstay in the video game series across numerous consoles.


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