Pokemon: Secret of the Jungle Will Reveal New Info on Ash’s Father

Pokemon: Secret of the Jungle, aka Pokemon Coco, is set to be released in Japan later this week, [...]

Pokemon: Secret of the Jungle, aka Pokemon Coco, is set to be released in Japan later this week, with a North American release set to hit next year, and the film has released some new info that is sure to blow fans' minds as Ash Ketchum's father is slated to be further examined in the twenty-third film of the series. With Ash and Pikachu experiencing a brand new adventure in the depths of a jungle, coming into contact with a Tarzan-like character in "Coco", the characters will be introduced to a new legendary Pokemon known as Zarude!

Pokemon fans have never had the opportunity to see Ash's father in the long-running anime franchise, but it has been alluded to that Ketchum's father and grandfather are currently exploring the world on journeys of their own to become the greatest trainers in the world. The director of the film, Tetsuo Yajima, went into detail in a recent interview regarding how Ash will be reminded of his father when he looks at the relationship between Coco and Zarude, with the large primate seemingly protecting the young boy who spends his time traveling the jungle by swinging from vines and living with the pocket monsters residing in the green environment.

With Ash Ketchum recently having won a Pokemon Tournament to cap off his adventures within the Alola Region, the protagonist of the anime franchise, his Pikachu, and his new friend Goh has been exploring the world in a bid to capture even more powerful Pokemon. With the Galar Region having a large factor in the newest season of Pokemon Journeys, Ash and Goh have been butting heads with some of the trainers from the popular Nintendo Switch game of Pokemon Sword and Shield, with the current champion of Galar, Leon, acting as their biggest hurdle to overcome.

Like so many other anime shows and movies, Pokemon: Secret of the Jungle was pushed back as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, as it was originally scheduled to be released into theaters in Japan earlier this summer. Though we don't know when exactly the twenty-third film in the series will be released in North America, we would imagine that this news about Ash's father being mentioned in the movie will get plenty of Pokemon fans buzzing!

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