Pokemon Sun and Moon Anime Robs Ash of His Superhuman Strength

ash alola 3

A few months ago, ComicBook.com reminded readers that Ash Ketchum of Pokemon fans had a superhuman strength on par with the likes of Spider-Man. When Ash wasn't deadlifting Pokemon that weighed hundreds of pounds, he was tossing full logs like they were broomsticks.

Alas, it appears that Ash Ketchum has lost his cartoonish strength. In the episode of Pokemon Sun and Moon that aired yesterday in Japan, Ash and Pikachu attempt to clear a pile of logs that are blocking a local road. Although Pikachu manages to at least pick up one log using his electrically charged back muscles, Ash can't budge a single log and is forced to call upon a truck of Machamp for help.

Here's a comparison of Ash's log handling skills back in Pokemon Advanced compared to his log handling skills now:


The Pokemon Sun and Moon anime has made several changes to Ash, transforming him from a smooth, competent 10 year old ladies' man to a dopey kid who makes a whole lot of stupid faces. While the anime has robbed him of his freakish strength and pointy hair, Ash is at least still a competent trainer, as he officially earned his first Z-crystal by beating a Totem Gumshoos and its allies.