Taiwan's Poke Ball Cash Card Has Pokemon Fans Everywhere Jealous

If you are in Taiwans, there is a way you can celebrate Pokemon which few others will be able to. [...]

If you are in Taiwans, there is a way you can celebrate Pokemon which few others will be able to. Recently, the nation teamed up with Pokemon Go to bolster the game, and it did so with Taipei's EasyCard corporation. Fans were able to get their hands on tap pay cards from the bank, but that is not the important part...

No, the important part is that the cards are just tiny Poke Balls which will fill your shopping trips with joy.

In July, Taiwan began to sell the limited edition Poke Ball store-value cards. EasyCard created 3D Poke Balls which function just like any other card from the company. Hung on a strap, the Poke Ball glows green each time a successful purchase is made, and it can be used at a variety of stores around Taiwan who partner with EasyCard.

Using a PokeBall to get around Taiwan from r/pokemon

Over on Reddit, a video of these Pokemon-themed cards went live, and fans began clamoring for one of their own. The clip, which can be seen here, shows fans using the Poke Ball to pay for subway fares and then some. The ball is just as reloadable as any other EasyCard, and it can be used around the city. While most of these limited edition items have been sold, fans online say they have seen a few on shelves around Taiwan. And if international fans are real lucky, The Pokemon Company might just extend this tap pay collectible to fans around the world.

For now, Pokemon Go is rolling out its own worldwide events for fans to partake in even if they cannot get one of these EasyCards. Not long ago, the mobile title excited users when it introduced Team Rocket to the game along with Shadow Pokemon. The leader of Team Rocket, Giovanni, also made an appearance in Pokemon Go as of late. Clearly, things are still shaking up with the game as Pokemon Go recently passed its one billionth download, so here's to hoping more accessories like this EasyCard Poke Ball become a reality in the near future.

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via Taiwan News