Pokemon Twilight Wings Announced as Brand New Galar Region YouTube Series

Pokemon has completely ruled the lives of a bunch of Nintendo Switch owners with Pokemon Sword and Shield out in the wild now. But, the company has now announced Pokemon: Twilight Wings, a brand new short animated series set in the Galar Region for people to sink their teeth into. This Pokemon adventure will be seven episodes now and debuts on the company's YouTube channel in January 2020. Fans have been quick to devour any and all knowledge surrounding the Galar region and the new show will go a long way in filling in some of the gaps present at the moment. Twilight Wings is separate from Ash's adventures over there in the main Pokemon anime series. This program aims to give viewers a look at " the dreams of Galar's residents, the realities they face, the challenges they must overcome, and the conflicts they must resolve." Along with these new stories, fans will meet a variety of Pokemon that hail from the Galar region.

Every episode of Twilight Wings will only be five minutes long, but that choice totally makes sense. All of the gorgeous animation takes time and Studio Colorado is taking the lead on art duties after their wonderful film Penguin Highway. Galar might have caused some fans some serious grief before the game was out amongst the public, but it is hard to deny the charm the region is working with. From the monsters around the wild area to the pleasant architecture, there are little pockets of beauty all around. That painterly style that Colorado has used in the past will fit in nicely with capturing those brief snapshots of daily life.

Pokemon Twilight Wings Key Art
(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

Speaking of wonderful animation, the main Pokemon introduction animation was a sight to behold as the new season began. Gameboy chirps and that wonderfully fluid sequence of Ash and Gou ready to take on a brand new region elicited a very positive response online when it was first revealed. Those opening moments were a source of major interest for players getting ready to get deeper into their Pokemon journeys by purchasing the Nintendo Switch iteration of the hit game.


Now, with the anime off and running it has become clear that Galar might end up being an absolute favorite locale for Pokemon fans. The new setting is certainly easy on the eyes, and the Twilight Wings will only help add to the vision of that peaceful countryside in the minds of viewers across the world.