Primal Releases Bloody New Trailer For Season 2

One of the bloodiest, and arguably best, series that Adult Swim has ever created is set to arrive next month, with the excessively violent prehistoric story of Primal releasing a new trailer that continues the journey of Spear and Fang. Genndy Tartakovsky, who might be best known for his work on Dexter's Laboratory and Samurai Jack, is returning to helm the series' comeback, with the trailer showing that Spear and Fang will apparently be facing far more human enemies than they had over the course of the first season.

While the first season saw most of the episodes presenting unique challenges for Spear and Fang to overcome, the season finale of Primal introduced the character Mira, a human from another civilization that appeared to be far more technologically advanced than anything we had seen before in this prehistoric story. With Mira being taken away, the second season might focus on the human/dinosaur team working to rescue her from the larger-than-life Scorpion, who appears to be featured in this new trailer.

You can catch the new trailer below, giving us an idea as to where Primal's second season is going and the terrifying new beasts and enemies that Spear and Fang will have to battle in order to save Mira: 

Our own Nick Valdez, whose review was used in this very trailer, had reviewed Primal back when it first debuted in 2019, sharing his thoughts as to the bloody series focusing on the caveman Spear and the dinosaur known as Fang:

"There's an inherent beauty to be found even within the series' brutal displays of violence. It never breaches the realm of grotesqueness, and though there might be an excitement in seeing it play out from time to time, violence is a means to an end. It's an unavoidable facet of living in this savage world, and thus feels as natural as the rest of the presentation. As one would expect from such a set food chain, there's a consequence to each violent act⁠—emotional or otherwise.


Primal is the culmination of years of experimentation, and it's an incredible project densely packed with a wide range of emotions. Portraying the surprising serenity to be found in savagery, this series has an honesty that continues to reveal itself the more times you watch. It's an intense, powerful, and brutal masterpiece."