Ranking of Kings Stars Say Goodbye to Their Characters Amid Season 2 Rumors

Ranking of Kings may be done, but fans have not left its memory behind. In fact, netizens are more eager than ever to learn about the show's future as season two has yet to be revealed. Wit Studio is keeping quiet about the future for now, so fans are looking to the anime's cast instead these days. But not long ago, the stars stirred up the fandom by sharing farewells to their own characters.

The goodbye happened not long ago as Ranking of Kings brought its cast together for AnimeJapan this year. It was there the seven leads of the series took to the stage to celebrate season one, and they were all asked what they would tell their respective characters now that their gig is done.

Of course, Minami Hinata had the most to say as the actress voices Bojji in Ranking of Kings. She simply wanted to tell the boy thank you while Ayumu Murase, the voice behind Kage, admitted they had questions about the character's actions in the finale of season one.

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As for the other actors on stage, Daiki Yamashita (Hokuro) and Yuuki Kaji (Daida) reflected on how their characters grew in season one with no short amount of pride. In fact, the latter said Daida wanting to "restart together" nabbed their attention, and fans wouldn't mind exploring such a turn if season two happens.

After all, Ranking of Kings has been entirely quiet about its future since season one ended. Wit Studios has not said anything about a renewal, but Ranking of Kings has proven itself popular enough to warrant a new season. And if that does happen, netizens may get an update from the anime team at a Ranking of Kings event this July.

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