Red Hood Manga Conclusion Will Include Time Skip

Not every manga has the opportunity to tell its story for countless years, with Hunters Guild: Red Hood unfortunately being such an example. With the story created by an assistant to My Hero Academia's creator, Kohei Horikoshi, Weekly Shonen Jump made the decision to end the story of Red Hood, with the series confirming that before the Hunters Guild shutters its doors, the series will see a time skip that gives readers a better idea of where these characters will end up in the future.   

According to a recent report via WSJ_Manga, Red Hood will introduce a time skip that will be set one year in the future, with official art being released of the cast of the manga waving goodbye to readers as the series finale approaches:

(Photo: Shueisha)

Red Hood was able to actually make fun of its own finale, with one character stating:

"The purpose of the book is to entertain the readers. It isn't fun is the story is resolved too easily. Displease the Gods and they will render judgment on us. In other words, the world will end. A story that doesn't entertain is abandoned. Once abandoned our world will disappear. The Guild works to avert that fate, creating main characters, supporting characters, and scenarios where people are saved from disaster. They use monsters to create tragedy. Tragedies bring humanity together and birth heroes."

If you're unfamiliar with the story of The Hunters Guild: Red Hood, the official description reads as such:

"In a world of fantasy creatures and dreadful monsters, the Hunters Guild, a large agency of mercenaries, welcomes dangerous jobs of slaughtering the beasts for money. Though many rumors are spread about the greed of the hunters, no one can deny that the job always ends up being done.

When a small hamlet is plagued by a man-eating werewolf amongst its citizens, the mayor hires a hunter to take it down. Grimm—the hunter who arrives—leaves the villagers in doubt due to her childlike appearance, but, as they have no alternative, they pray that she lives up to the guild's reputation.

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