Resident Evil Infinite Darkness Reveals Netflix Release Window And New Trailer

Resident Evil is set to have a big year, with the next installment of the video game franchise, Resident Evil Village hitting video game platforms in May, a feature-length live-action film, and an animated television series in Resident Evil Infinite Darkness. During Resident Evil's latest showcase, the Capcom franchise was able to reveal some new tidbits about upcoming projects while also revealing when fans of Raccoon City will have the opportunity to venture into this new series that sees Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield battling against zombies in the hallowed halls of the White House.

This is far from the first CGI-animated project that tells stories within the world of Umbrella as Resident Evil has had plenty of animated movies that have been released in the past of the popular video game franchise. This upcoming television series might be acting as a prequel to Resident Evil 6, which saw Leon having to take on the unforeseen duty of witnessing the President of the United States becoming a zombie himself. Needless to say, with zombies swarming the White House, this is aiming to be one of the crazier entries in the series that will explore the universe of Umbrella outside of the video games themselves.

Twitter User True Gaming was able to capture the trailer for Netflix's upcoming animated series that will follow both Leon and Claire in the television series of Resident Evil Infinite Darkness, which is not to be confused with the live-action series coming to Netflix as well:

Resident Evil first began in 1996, with the publishers at Capcom introducing this terrifying world via the original Playstation. Since this time, the franchise has warranted the creation of countless games and scored a series of live-action films that traveled to Raccoon City and beyond over the years. With the next game in the series, Village, once again going with a "first-person" approach to its storytelling, it's clear that Resident Evil is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon.


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