Rick And Morty Cosplay Brings Summer Back To The World of "Mad Max"

Rick And Morty is looking to come back with a fifth season, following the continued success of one of Adult Swim's most popular series, and fans have taken their cosplay skills to the next level by showing of Summer Smith and her partner from the "Mad Max" style episode that went by the name of "Rickmancing The Stone". The franchise has been renewed for a number of future seasons, so it definitely seems as if the adventures of Rick Sanchez and his traumatized grandson will be continuing for years on end on the cable channel of Cartoon Network!

In "Rickmancing The Stone", the trio of Rick, Morty, and Summer were brought into an alternate reality in an effort to give the mad scientist led family an isotope that would help in Sanchez's forever continuing scientific efforts. While Morty was struggling with being attached to a disembodied arm of a warrior within this dystopian reality, Summer found herself shacking up with a denizen of this world and deciding to settle down while taking on an aesthetic that would make the "War Boys" of Mad Max: Fury Road feel right at home when all was said and done! Though Summer's relationship would eventually fall through and she would return to her family, this adventure was definitely one to remember in the hilarious and thoughtful animated series of Rick And Morty!

Twitter User Chris Mason 316 shared this pair of cosplayers that were able to perfectly replicate the "odd couple" of this Mad Max style episode of Rick And Morty, putting Summer into a hilarious situation while both her brother and grandfather struggled with their own trials and tribulations:

The release date for the next season of Rick And Morty has yet to be revealed, but creator Dan Harmon has stated that they are "ahead of schedule" when it comes to the highly anticipated return of this pair of Adult Swim characters that have taken the world by storm!

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