Rick and Morty Cosplay Pulls Unity Into the Spotlight

Rick And Morty has shown that Rick Sanchez's love life is quite the trash fire, with the mad scientist unable to keep a relationship to save his life throughout the five seasons of the Adult Swim series. With this year set to see the return of the wildly popular animated series via its sixth season, one cosplayer has decided to take a trip through memory lane by focusing on a character that was a key player in season two and showed just how broken Rick was in Unity.  

Rick and Unity's relationship was one of co-dependence that saw the alien hivemind eventually realizing that Sanchez still had some serious issues to work out himself. Since this episode of season two, Unity hasn't returned to be a part of the Smith family's adventures, though we've certainly seen plenty of old characters from the series' past make some startling comebacks. With this year being confirmed by Cartoon Network as the release window for the sixth season of Rick And Morty, you can definitely never say never to the idea of Unity potentially making a comeback as Rick moves closer to getting his mental state under control...or not. 

Instagram Cosplayer Che Heaven shared this new take on the major Rick And Morty character, while also showing off her previous take on one of the latest femme fatales of the Adult Swim series, Planetina, who had a relationship with Rick's grandson Morty rather than the mad scientist:

A definite release date has yet to be revealed for the next season of Rick And Morty, though we would imagine that season six has plenty of territory to cover considering how the previous season finale drew to a close. With the Citadel of Ricks being destroyed and "Evil Morty" abandoning this universe in order to find one that hasn't been tailor-made for a Rick to be in charge, we definitely wouldn't be surprised to find this maniacal version of Morty return. 


When do you think we'll see the next season of Rick And Morty land on Cartoon Network? Do you think we'll ever see Rick ever sort out his many, MANY problems? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of the Smith Family.