Rick and Morty Unveils Evil Morty's Master Plan

Rick And Morty's fifth season came to a close earlier this month, telling a story that saw Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith separating from one another, and then subsequently reforging the bond that they share, but the central antagonist of this finale was the evil version of Morty, who revealed his unorthodox goal. Having become President of the Citadel in a previous season, "Evil Morty" came back into the picture when Rick and Morty felt the need to return to the city that housed so many alternate versions of themselves from across the multiverse.

As Evil Morty explains, his goal isn't simply to kill Rick Sanchez or take over the galaxy along with the Citadel, he is simply looking for an escape that many other Mortys have found themselves in. As was explained during the finale for season five, Evil Morty was attempting to escape a never-ending cycle, wherein the Ricks put together an existence for the Mortys of the multiverse to always be "enslaved" to their respective Grandfathers. Attempting to break the chain, the President of the Citadel comes into contact with the OG characters and explains just what he is hoping to accomplish.

(Photo: Cartoon Network)

As is the case with so many Rick and Morty adventures, death and destruction cap things off with the Citadel being destroyed, marking a big change in the Adult Swim series' universe and certainly presenting several questions for the future of the franchise. Luckily for Evil Morty, he is able to escape the destruction of the Citadel with his life and seemingly accomplishes his goal, with the final shot of him being entering a yellow portal which might take him to an alternate reality wherein Mortys aren't enslaved to their Ricks and forced to venture into endless cosmic adventures.

Though season five came to a close, seasons six and seven have already been confirmed and the creative minds behind the series are on record that fans won't have to wait as long to see Rick and Morty return to the programming block of Adult Swim. With Evil Morty seemingly breaking the chain, there are plenty of fans that are questioning just what effect this action will have on the world of the Smith family.


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