Rick and Morty Star Reveals the Secret to Fan-Favorite "Interdimensional Cable" Episodes

The Interdimensional Cable anthology started out as a hilarious experiment early on in the Rick and Morty run, and has since turned into the anthology episode expected each season. While that expectation has morphed into another meta form altogether in Season 4 of the series, this original idea took off with fans as it seemed like the staff and cast behind the series was completely making up each segment as they went along. According to star of the series (and voice behind Jerry) Chris Parnell, this is true for the most part.

According to Terri Schwartz of IGN, who was hosting a special watch along of Rick and Morty with Chris Parnell, Parnell noted how the "Interdimensional Cable" episode was indeed series co-creator Justin Roiland doing improv. Parnell himself doesn't do much, however, as he believes the scripts are well put together and great.

Season 4 eschewed the traditional anthology episode with a series of meta jokes and segments of its own, Roiland previously told ComicBook.com about how this hilarious train episode was taking the place of "Interdimensional Cable" episode for the season, "I actually thought that was going to be the second one in this back pod," Roiland told us. "We called it episode seven for so long that I kept thinking it was going to come after six. And six is actually coming next. And we kind of get back to the show as people know it. You know, adventures with some continuity. But I feel like this train episode is kind of this season's 'Interdimensional Cable.' Sort of this seasons kind of crazy, inconsequential but insane little crazy episode."

The midseason premiere of Season 4 went on to a divisive response among fans of the series as Rick and Morty seemingly not only poked fun at itself, but the fanbase. At the same time, the highly experimental take on the franchise also wrote Rick and Morty Season 4 a number of checks that it can hopefully cash. If it's not going to follow established story beats, then the series is going to be even wilder than expected.

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