Rick and Morty Reveals Depressing New Look at the Cronenberg Dimension

Rick and Morty is now back in action with Season 6 of the Adult Swim animated original, and the premiere for this new season offered up quite the depressing update on the state of the original universe that got turned into Cronenberg monsters! One of the biggest multiverse jokes played early on in the series came during the first season in which the titular duo had unwittingly turned their Earth into a mass of Cronenberg monsters following a love potion and flu mix up. We've seen some new looks at this universe in the seasons since, but the newest update has to be the biggest bummer yet.

Rick and Morty's Season 6 premiere, "Solaricks," saw Rick, Morty, and Jerry return to their original universes following Rick resetting portal travelers by mistake, and that meant that Morty had returned to his original universe that he had abandoned during the first season of the series. But as seen in the episode, the years have not been kind to this tragic version of Earth as it has now become an apocalyptic place still filled to the brim with the monsters. But there's even less hope than ever seen before, and it forces Morty to really confront his past. 

The Season 6 premiere episode had Rick, Morty, and Jerry confront each of their pasts in order to show just how much has changed in the time since the first season of the series. Returning to this universe, Morty comes across his original father, who has since become a cold person who is doing whatever he needs to survive. Although he's become a much more self-actualized kind of person thanks to everything that has happened (which had been teased at the looks at Jerry we have seen in the past), he's since lost his Summer and Beth over the years. 

Because at the end of the day, Morty did abandon his family and it's something that Jerry won't let him forget. Despite the fact that over the years Rick has taught him that his place in the universe is meaningless, his return to his original Earth demonstrated that he really has much more of an impact than he's ever realized before. But how did you feel about Rick and Morty's return to the Cronenberg Universe? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!