Rick and Morty Team Talks Rick's War Against The Dinosaurs

Rick and Morty's sixth season shook up the status quo in some big ways following everything that happened in the season before, and the team behind the series talked about how Rick felt going up against other characters who were on his level and even looked down on him for the first real time in the series! One of the big reveals of the end of the fifth season was that Rick and his multiple variations purposefully created a version of the universe in which they were the only dominant being in their various dimensional travels. But that has all changed.  

One of the most promising threads heading into Season 6 of the series was the idea that Rick would finally not only come across other characters that were on his level, but maybe even smarter than him. We've already seen a bit of this with the introduction of Rick Prime to the series, the newest episode of the series actually revealed how Rick responds to others on the same intelligence and "advancement" level. As the team behind the episode opened up in the Inside the Episode segment released by Adult Swim, there's a lot that goes into it. 

"Juricksic Mort" writer Nick Rutherford, co-executive producer Steve Levy, and series co-creator Dan Harmon explain that the real crux of the episode was that not only were the returning dinosaurs highly intelligent, but they are inherently "good and moral." They inherently clash with Rick because despite their wishes to avoid conflict of any kind, Rick's entire personality breathes on cede fighting. They thus essentially turn down everything he does (and even offer better versions of some things), and that just fuels his anger even more. 

The main conflict then stems from, as Harmon details, the sense of superiority that humans have over this lost civilization and the idea that humans have done it better. But then these dinosaurs return and ask why more Marvel movies have been made while the rest of the Earth falls under. And as Rick continued to fight against in the episode, it's that kind of thinking that he just doesn't align with. 

But it's also a tease of the kinds of stories we could get in the future where Rick is actually challenged on his level. So what did you think of Rick and Morty's dinosaur episode? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!