IT Director Andy Muschietti Addresses Live-Action Macross Rumors

Film director Andy Muschietti made his mark, and gained worldwide notoriety, thanks in part to his interpretation of Stephen King's It, creating two blockbuster films from said property. With the horror saga in the tank, Muschietti has opened up regarding potential future projects, including Attack On Titan and Macross (aka Robotech). With the killer clown of Pennywise's story having come to an end, for Andy at least, Muschietti dove right into the impact of Robotech on himself and his childhood via this recent interview!

Andy Muschietti had this to say with regards to Macross, showing a deep personal connection to the property thanks to his youthful television preferences:

"Robotech was, growing up, incredibly impactful to me. We only had four channels growing up… so all the kids of my generation watched the same things. And RobotechMacross turned Robotech, because it was filtered through Harmony Gold, and then it came to the world packaged like Robotech — was so revolutionary and so groundbreaking. It just completely, like, shattered my mind. It’s a story that’s still in my heart. And, you know, [it’s a film] that we’re developing also."

Back in 2017, the screenwriter of Wonder Woman, Jason Fuchs, shared his excitement for the upcoming Macross collaboration, though news has been spotty with regards to any further updates, let alone a possible release date for the film itself. With Funimation recently announcing that they'll be bringing back the franchise to their streaming service, it definitely will help in re-introducing the series into the public zeitgeist!


Are you excited for the eventual interpretation of the Robotech universe from the director of Warner Bros' IT? What would you hope to see in a Macross live action film? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and Robotech!

Robotech was a fairly-popular anime series back in the '80s. It was produced by Harmony Gold. What made it unique was that it was created by editing together separate anime series from Tatsunoko Studios: Super Dimension Fortress: Macross, Genesis Climber Mospeada, and Super Dimensional Cavalry Southern Cross. The 1985 show was set in 1999 and began with a large alien spacecraft crash landing on the Earth. Humans analyze the wreckage and use the technology to create "Robotechnology." This helps them against future alien invaders. It spawned toys, video games, an animated film and even comic books.