Jimmy Choo Unveils Magical Sailor Moon Boots for $13,000

Sailor Moon is one of the most magical characters in anime, and her power is only matched by her love of bling. Fans of the series know Usagi is obsessed with all things cute, and Sailor Moon has always been a fashion-forward franchise. Of course, that helped Jimmy Choo sell a collaboration with the IP in honor of its 30th anniversary, and the designer brand is celebrating the anime icon with a pair of $13,000 USD boots.

The update came from Jimmy Choo this week as the designer brand announced it has created a pair of boots based on Sailor Moon. On July 1st, photos of the heels were released, and it is safe to say these Crystal Boots are to die for. And if Usagi was around, she would most definitely demand a pair!

According to Jimmy Choo, these knee-high boots are covered entirely with Swarovski crystals with some bigger ones patterned to create Sailor Moon's crescent moon icon. These shoes are currently on display at a museum in Tokyo, but it turns out you can buy the shoes for yourself. The only issue is that these heeled boots will cost fans $13,196 USD before taxes and shipping. And as expected, the shoes are being sold in limited quantities and sizes.

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If you want to check out these shoes for yourself, they will be displayed in Tokyo at a Sailor Moon exhibit through December 30th. Otherwise, you will have to snag a pair of the boots for yourself. The heels hold a close place in Sandra Choi's heart, the creative director at Jimmy Choo who oversaw their design. The exec says she has always admired Sailor Moon's mix of fantasy and femininity as they align with Jimmy Choo's own vision. And now, the brands have come together thanks to one pricey product!

Would you care to rock these Sailor Moon heels? Or are these Jimmy Choo boots out of your budget? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.