Naruto Creator Reveals Important Story Details About Samurai 8

Naruto is busy carrying on its legacy with Boruto, but the sequel is not the only thing being focused on these days. After all, the creator of Naruto has a new series in the works, and fans just learned a bit more about Samurai 8.

Recently, Masashi Kishimoto sat down to give Japanese press a better look at his new series. Years after finishing Naruto's main run, the artist is coming out of his hiatus to bring Samurai 8 to life, and it turns out the artist put a lot of thought into its main character.

"Hachimaru is a feeble boy who can't leave his home, or even survive without a life-support system. Even though he only plays online games every day, he dreams of becoming a 'Samurai': Having a mechanized body & powers that exceed human capabilities," Kishimoto described the hero of his new series.

According to translator Organic Dinosaur, Kishimoto went on to address other details about Samurai 8 and what caused him the most trouble. It turns out the artist had trouble building out the world of Samurai 8 given its scope, and he had issues coming up with sci-fi jargon for the world. However, he is excited to see how readers take this new universe, and he thinks Samurai 8 will run for 10 volumes.

Still, Kishimoto is not married to the length. The artist did admit Naruto was only meant to last 15 volumes, and fans know that number was shot out quickly as the ninja franchise expanded rapidly.

Aside from making Hachimaru a relatable protagonist, the creator has involved himself in other parts of the story. Kishimoto confirmed he is not only overseeing sketch composition for Samurai 8 but its dialogue, paneling, storyboarding, and more. So far, there is no word on whether the new series will feature some Naruto easter eggs, but fans have their fingers crossed. After all, Naruto Uzumaki would be fun to see in a sci-fi setting, so here's to hoping the knucklehead makes an appearance.

So, will you be checking out this new series from Kishimoto? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!



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