Samurai 8: The Tale of Hachimaru to End Next Week

When artist Masashi Kishimoto announced he was working on a new manga, fans were thrilled by the news. The creator of Naruto launched one of Japan's greatest series when the Hidden Leaf Village came to life, and they felt he would strike gold with Samurai 8: The Tale of Hachimaru. But as a new report has shared, it seems Samurai 8 is getting the official boot.

Recently, the news went live on social media after WSJ_Manga made a post showing off a scan allegedly from the new issue of Weekly Shonen Jump. It was there fans were informed Samurai 8 would be ending with its next chapter in issue 17 of the magazine. In total, the series will have released a total of 48 chapters before closing on its fifth volume.

For fans, this news is surprising but not wholly unexpected. Samurai 8 has been marred by low sales since its debuted. In fact, its third volume upon new release didn't even manage to sell 10,000 copies or rank on the list of top-selling debuts. The sci-fi tale was engaging for hardcore readers, but the rise of series like My Hero Academia, Spy Family, and Demon Slayer were tough to outsell.

The information was also confirmed with Shonen Jump put out its table of contents for its next issue. The series will start out with Demon Slayer before moving on to One Piece and its other top series before Samurai 8 comes to a close in the 16th spot. So here's to hoping Kishimot doesn't take the ending too personally and finds a new project to work on before long!


If you want to check out Samurai 8 before its final chapter, you can head over to Viz Media for a binge. The publisher has all of the series available in its digital vault for subscribers.