Shaman King Stills Reportedly Surface Ahead of First Trailer

Fans of the long running anime franchise of Shaman King were blown away when it was announced that the Shonen series would be making a comeback with a new television series, and it seems that with a new trailer currently in the works, some images have leaked online showing off this new take on the world of Yoh and his battling spirits! With the upcoming anime revealed to be a reboot of the original, retelling the tale of the "Shaman Fight" and the mediums involved within it, fans can't wait to dive back into this popular Shonen world!

Set to be released in 2021, we don't have a lot of details about the upcoming new interpretation of Shaman King, though it's clear that the upcoming trailer will give us a better idea of how the upcoming adventures of the world of the supernatural are planning to look.

Twitter Outlet AnimeTV_JP shared a few still images from what is presumably the new trailer for the Shaman King rebooted anime series, hinting that a video is on the way that will make the fans of the Shonen series happy by showing them more of this fresh take on an old favorite!

The original creator of the series, Hiroyuki Takei, had went on record that a reboot nearly happened in 2017 for the anime franchise, but stated that he had to pass with the following quote:

"To tell the truth, there was an offer for an anime remake that reached a realistic level... But because they were not able to use the first anime's voice actors and soundtrack music, I had to turn down it. I hope there will be another chance."


Considering the trailer for this new series uses the soundtrack from the original series, we would imagine that the original cast will be joining as well considering Takei's adamant demands that they be included in the reboot. While the original anime was released in 2001 with sixty four episodes, the new reboot is hoping to adapt all 35 volumes of the original manga.

Are you excited for the arrival of Shaman King's reboot? What scenes from the manga do you hope they'll adapt in the new anime series? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of the "Shaman Fight"!