Amber Of f(x) Shares Touching Tribute To SHINee's Jonghyun

After an extended mortuary, Kim Jonghyun was laid to rest in a private ceremony. The k-pop superstar passed away from an apparent suicide attempt, and the SHINee vocalist left the world reeling. Now, some of Jonghyun's closest colleagues are release their own tributes to the idol.

Over on Instagram, Amber Liu posted her own note to Jonghyun shortly after his private funeral closed. The singer, who is part of the group f(x), posted a photo of herself with Jonghyun along with a touching message.

"I could smile because of oppa's joke. Because of oppa's advice, I could dry my tears. And because of your courage, I could gain courage," Liu wrote.

"When I was embarrassed, you didn't judge me. You tried your best to understand my imperfect Korean, and you embraced me.

When people joked that you and I were twins, I was honestly really proud because I wanted to become a great person like you…thank you. I'm so thankful I was able to be your dongsaeng [little sister].

I will become an 'Amber' you can be proud of. My Jjong oppa, you did well. I love you."

If you are familiar with Amber's work, then you will know the singer was close with Jonghyunn. SHINee and f(x) were considered by many to be debut twins under SM Entertainment, and both groups did numerous appearances together. Fans were quick to rally behind Amber's friendship with Jonghyun, and her touching farewell to the SHINee singer is now helping the k-pop community come to terms with their own grief.


Jonghyun's tragic death has sparked a conversation within the k-pop fandom about the importance of mental health. In the past, the beloved singer spoke openly about his on-going struggles with Seasonal Affective Disorder. As an advocate for mental health, Jonghyun's passing came as a shock to fans around the world, and the fandom hopes to start meaningful conversations about the topic despite South Korea's conservative views towards it.

If you or anyone you know is suffering from a mental health crisis, there are resources available out there. There are suicide prevention services available both within in the U.S. and internationally which can be reached at anytime.