Shonen Jump Publisher Shares Statement After Employees Test Positive for Coronavirus

Earlier today, Japan took a step forward in its fight against the novel coronavirus when prime minister Shinzo Abe declared a state of emergency for many. Areas like Tokyo and Osaka have been directly impacted by the order as hundreds of businesses decide how best to approach the situation. Now, Shueisha has released a statement regarding the pandemic, and the Shonen Jump publisher says it is taking extra precautions after an employee tested positive for coronavirus.

"On April 6, some of our employees were confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus. One of them had a fever on March 26 and consulted a medical institution, refraining from working from that day on. On April 3, he was diagnosed positive of coronavirus," the message reads via WSJ_Manga.

"In response to this, we are taking the following measures while cooperating with administrative organizations:

-Temporary closing and disinfection of the floor in which infected people worked.

-Checking work's history of infected people and identifying close contacts.

-Thorough observation and reporting of health of close contacts."

Continuing, the publisher stressed to fans that it put in a mandate for all workers to work from home some time ago. "We will continue to prioritize the safety of stakeholders and prevent further transmission of the virus by taking appropriate measures."


Currently, there are no plans to delay the release of any Shonen Jump magazine, but fans are bracing themselves for such an announcement. The printing press for the anthology has burned hot for decades now, and many of shonen's top titles are found in its pages. From My Hero Academia to Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, there is no shortage of hit series in the publisher's portfolio. But if the ongoing pandemic forces the magazine into a short break, fans will be more than happy to check in on their favorite manga wheneever Shonen Jump should return!

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