Sonic the Hedgehog Debuts Collab With a Surprising Fall Anime

The Isekai genre is continuing to be a major element in the anime world, as the specific anime falling under its umbrella normally will focus on a protagonist that has found themselves entering a world unlike their own, usually granting them wild new abilities that can make them the greatest hero or villain of said world. Earlier this year, anime fans saw the arrival of one of the strangest, most hilarious Isekai series released to date, featuring an older protagonist whose love of Sega has helped usher in a crossover with none other than Sonic The Hedgehog.

Uncle From Another World has recently run into some rough patches with its release schedule, as the anime adaptation was forced to delay its episodes for a number of weeks thanks to a coronavirus outbreak that had most of their animators unable to work on new episodes. Luckily, fans won't have to wait much longer for new episodes to return as the Isekai is planning to return shortly this month. The titular Uncle of the series hilariously journeyed his way through the magical world he now found himself stranded in, using skills that he learned from years of playing on the Sega Genesis, and in the latest episode, even referenced Sonic the Hedgehog directly.

Hedgehog From Another World

An official website was created for this unique crossover, which sees the vastly over-powered Uncle attempting to outrun Sonic, with recent episodes taking the opportunity to show just how much the Isekai protagonist loves both Sonic The Hedgehog and the various characters that spawned from the video game publishers at Sega:

(Photo: AtelierPontdarc & Sega)

Uncle specifically takes the opportunity throughout the series to inform his nephew of the various adventures that he had in the mystical world wherein he gained magical abilities, and during one of his quests, he came across a particular monster that he couldn't wait to meet. When fellow adventurers informed him that a giant hedgehog was running amock and chowing down on nearby residents, Uncle believed that this might in fact be the real Sonic The Hedgehog, but was ultimately quite disappointed when it was revealed that this particular beast was neither fast nor blue.

Via Chain Chronicle