This 'Soul Eater' Tattoo Is Scary Good

Soul Eater may have wrapped awhile back, but that does not mean anime fans aren’t still hung up on the series. The supernatural shonen has become a popular one with fans around the world, and one such otaku got a scary good tattoo to commemorate the series.

Over on Reddit, a tattoo artist shared a piece he recently did for a fan of Soul Eater. User /spittingwisdom showed off a colorful tattoo he inked on a fan who wanted a bit more sun in his life - literally.

As you can see below, the tattoo takes one of Soul Eater’s more obscure images and brings it to life. The sun from Atsushi Okubo’s series is inked onto the fan’s bicep in bright yellow shades. The smiling star is shown laughing above Death City as usual, and fans have been blown away by how good the piece looks.

I'm a tattoo artist and I finished this Soul Eater piece tonight. I thought you guys might enjoy it. from anime

If you're not a fan of Soul Eater, then you should know the Sun is a regular character in the series. Just like in real life, the bright orb is comes up during the daytime, but Soul Eater goes an extra step with its Sun. The celestial body has a face and its own personality for fans to key in on. The Sun tends to laugh a lot or even doze off when it gets the chance, and it has even had some dialogue in the manga.

The Sun acts as a symbolic foil to the franchise’s Moon. The bodies are meant to reflect the ambitions of Soul Eater’s heroes and villains respectively. While the Moon tends to have a snarky personality, the Sun is full of joy and bouncy exuberance. If Black Star were to be turned into a planet, then he would surely become the Sun. The Meister may just choose to become than instead of a god if given the chance.

For those of you unfamiliar with Soul Eater, the series is a popular one which debuted in May 2004 under creator Atsushi Okubo. Square Enix published the title in its Monthly Shonen Gangan serial, and it ran until August 2013.


The series itself follows two young characters named Maka Albarn and Soul. The pair are students are the Death Weapon Meister Academy where they study under Death itself on how to destroy evil. Maka, a weapon master, teams up with Soul as the living weapon can turn into a strong scythe. The two work together to turn Soul into an all-powerful Death Scythe which Lord Death himself can use. Of course, the road to seeing such a dream accomplished is hard, and Maka’s comrades are swept into a mess when an ancient Kishin named Asura is revived.

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