Masi Oka Shares His Love for Spies in Disguise and Demon Slayer

When you think of actor Masi Oka, a few things should come to mind. The Japanese actor got his big [...]

When you think of actor Masi Oka, a few things should come to mind. The Japanese actor got his big break with Heroes years ago, and he has continued his career since both in front of the camera and behind. Recently, Oka hit up big screens with his role in Spies in Disguise, and got the chance to gush with the star over the animated feature while sneaking in some talk of anime along the way.

For those curious, Oka did voice recording for Spies in Disguise as he plays a villain named Katsu Kimura. The baddie works with Killian who is the film's main villain, but Oka did not focus too hard on his character's moral leanings when looking at the film. It turns out Spies in Disguise reeled in Oka with its message of nonviolence which he says seems to scarce in film today.

"It had a great message. In terms of myself, I was raised with a single mother and I know how that's tough and how she believed in me and everything. And in some senses, Walter was in the same situation. That messaging for me was great," Oka said.

"But the idea of, in this day and age with so much violence, the idea that this kid was trying to save the world by using some things that were nonviolent were kind of really interesting messaging."

This message is one of the many things which makes Spies in Disguise a pretty perfect family film, but Oka's tastes aren't all about pacifism. During our chat, the talk about animation took a turn towards anime, and it was there Oka admitted he is a big fan of Demon Slayer these days which is certainly not sparing with violence.

"Demon Slayer is fantastic [and] a huge hit in Japan. I like it a lot, yeah, definitely. I still read the [Shonen Jump] in real time as well," Oka said.

Of course, fans will not be too surprised by Oka's love of anime. The actor is fluent in Japanese, and he has worked on live-action anime adaptations like Death Note. Demon Slayer would be right up the actor's alley, so you know fans would love to see the Hollywood star lend his voice to the anime should he ever get the chance. But for now, audiences can tune into Spies in Disguise to hear Oka's voice work as it is available for home video right now.

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