Spy x Family Producers Address All Those Anya Memes

Spy x Family is on a break right now, but it will not be long before Anya Forger returns to the center stage. After all, the heroine has a new set of episodes on the horizon this fall, and they will continue to explore the young girl's ragtag family. This also means Spy x Family will have plenty of viral moments to gift fans of Anya, and ComicBook got the chance to ask about the girl's viral memes during a recent chat.

During Anime Expo, WIT Studio brought producers Kazue Hayashi and Kazuki Yamanaka to Los Angeles to speak with fans. It was there we spoke about Anya's popularity, and Hayashi admitted the team in Japan expected the character's expression to go viral since they were already popular thanks to Tatsuya Endo's manga.

"Well, Anya's funny expression first appeared in the original manga. She has a very funny appearance there so we worked really hard to translate and materialize it into animation. We're glad to know we succeeded because fans seemed to enjoy it a lot," the producer explained.

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As you can imagine, the teams at WIT Studio and CloverWorks are glad to know their work on Spy x Family paid off. Anya's expressions went viral almost immediately after they aired on the small screen. Season one helped launched Endo's already popular series to millions of consumers, and Anya helped convert many of those newcomers to fans. Now, the psychic grade schooler is one of anime's most popular characters, and she's sparked dozens of memes since 2022 began. So why Spy x Family returns this fall, you can bet Anya will kickstart more trends week after week. 

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