Spy x Family Episode Seven Has Arrived: Watch

Spy x Family has assembled the Forger Family over the course of its initial episodes, as the master spy Twilight needed a wife and a child in order to achieve his espionage mission that is seeking to keep the peace between two warring nations. Now, the latest episode of the anime adaptation from Wit Studio and CloverWorks has arrived, further following the young telepath Anya as she attempts to fulfill the mission of her father by getting close to some of the elite children at Eden College.    

Since the anime adaptation arrived, the sales for Spy x Family's manga have gone up as a result, with over eighteen million copies of the printed series currently in circulation around the world. Luckily for fans of the series, the manga doesn't appear to be ending any time soon, with Tatsuya Endo continuing to churn out new chapters on a regular basis. While a second season of the anime series from Wit and CloverWorks has yet to be announced, it wouldn't be a surprise if it is confirmed in the future

The Official Twitter Account for Spy x Family's anime dropped the news that the seventh episode was now available to watch, sharing new images of Anya and her quest within the prestigious halls of Eden College as the young telepath attempts to help in achieving the goals of her adopted father Loid:

The official description for the seventh episode of Spy x Family reads as such from Crunchyroll, which has released the latest installment on its streaming service:

"Anya ends up with a Tonitrus Bolt after she hit Damian Desmond. Sadly, this causes her to stand out for the wrong reasons in class which depresses her, but she ends up friends with Becky, and school becomes a little more fun. She also tries to apologize to Damian for hitting him, but just can't seem to get the words out. For the sake of Operation Strix, Loid disguises himself as someone who works at the school and tries to help Anya reconcile from the shadows, but..."  

If you want to watch the latest episode of the Forger Clan, Crunchyroll currently has the seventh installment on its website which you can find here

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