Squid Game: The Challenge Producers Tease What to Expect in Season 2

The Producers of Squid Game's controversial reality show hint at what is to come in season two.

Netflix isn't just bringing Squid Game back for a second season, but the controversial reality show that garnered quite a few headlines as well. In a recent interview, Executive Producers John Hay and Stephen Yemoh took the opportunity to discuss the upcoming season, while also addressing the controversy that was surrounding season one. Set to arrive at some point this year, Squid Game fans are left wondering if the reality show will return prior to the return of the main series or vice versa.

Executive Producer John Hay discussed the recent reality show and how the project was always "burdened with expectations", "If you're given a gift like this, the chance to adapt IP this special and successful, if you're not having those moments of doubt at some point in the course of each working day, you're probably not pushing it far enough. The good thing about that is, usually the second season is the one that's burdened with expectations — on this show, the first season was burdened with expectations, so that's nothing new for us."  

(Photo: Netflix)

Squid Game The Challenge's Controversy

Hay took the opportunity to address the controversy of the first season's filming, "It was a big, complicated shoot and it was cold on the day, but the health and safety of the participants is absolutely paramount to us. Part of the reason we took our time over it is because of the need for absolutely scrupulous adjudication of each decision that we made, so I'm happy we did that. All proper and correct measures were taken and everyone was looked after in the correct way."

Co-Executive Producer Stephen Yemoh joked that the pair is happy to not be unemployed thanks to the upcoming second season, "It's heartening to know we're not going to lose our jobs. The big thing was we didn't want anyone to say that we've messed up Squid Game. This is such a beloved IP that the nerves are even more jangling because you don't want to ruin it. There was a lot of expectation on this show for various reasons, and so you want to do what's right by the fans, and so until the show's been seen and you start to see the comments and you start to get the messages from your friends and people like that, you start to go, 'Okay, I think we can work again.'"

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