Squidbillies: All 12 Seasons Are Coming to HBO Max

Squidbillies has been in the news recently thanks in part to the controversial tweets shot out by one of the long running Adult Swim series' stars, but it is entering the spotlight once again as the streaming service of HBO Max has announced that all twelve seasons of the series will be landing within its roster. Beginning on September 1st, Squibillies, alongside some other big name Adult Swim shows, will be hitting the popular streaming service that has taken a large number of movies and television shows within the Warner Bros catalogue and delivered them to subscribers around the world.

The off pace animated series which normally balanced crude humor with surreal situations followed a number of squid hillbillies that were attempting to make their way through life while drinking heavily and cursing frequently. Originally debuting in 2004, the series definitely found a fan base and had twelve season to its name since its initial premiere with a thirteenth season confirmed. However, some recent controversy has hit the series that makes the announcement of a new series a tad more shaky than it originally was as the series fired star Stuart Baker following a social media tirade that got plenty of attention.

(Photo: Cartoon Network)

Baker, who provided the voice for Early Curlyer in the show, had posted a number of posts on his Facebook page, directed at Dolly Parton for her involvement with the Black Lives Matter movement and needless to say, were opinions that weren't shared by the creative minds behind Squidbillies. In fact that creative minds behind the series released the following statement:

"We're aware of the extremely offensive and derogatory social media posts made late last week by Stuart D. Baker. The views he expressed do not reflect our own personal values or the values of the show that we and many others have worked hard to produce over the past 15 years. For those reasons, production of Squidbillies will continue without Mr. Baker, effective immediately."

On September 1st, Squidbillies will join the ranks of HBO Max alongside other Adult Swim series such as Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law, Sealab 2021, Black Dynamite, Superjail, Time and Eric Awesome Show Good Job!, and more! While the future of the series is still up in the air, fans can dive back into the original twelve seasons in a few weeks thanks to HBO Max!


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