Star Wars' John Boyega Shows Barbers Love with Hilarious Dragon Ball Joke

The effects of the novel coronavirus have resulted in a number of unprecedented and unexpected responses. Not only have several major productions have been postponed and outright cancelled around the world, but the efforts to better protect the health and safety of everyone meant that a number of businesses had to be closed to maintain proper social distancing and quarantine practices. Unfortunately, one of the first kinds of business to go were the barber shops and salons -- and people everywhere have had to deal with their hair continuing to grow wildly out of control. This includes Star Wars star John Boyega.

Boyega has often taken to Twitter to share several humorous parts of himself with fans all over the world, and he recently shared a hilarious open letter to the barbers of the world. Noting about how he can't wait to head into a barber shop and deal with all of their quirks, he hilariously brings up Dragon Ball as an example of the harsh hairline he has now.

Vegeta's hairline is often the butt of several in-jokes from among fans over the years, and it's clear that Boyega will lovingly poke fun at it too to get the message across. Boyega has gone on record multiple times in the past about his love for anime, and now there's proof he loves it enough to have the perfect reference for such a strange situation.

Like everyone, Boyega is waiting for the effects of the novel coronavirus to pass and the world to open up again. It might be quite a lot longer than initially expected as the uncertainty continues, but there have been lots of creative people releasing fun new bits with others online like this! The silver lining of it all means there's more time for anime, and now there's more time than ever to take in such a long saga like Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball franchise. Now you can check out and judge Vegeta's hairline for yourself! Maybe even watch some Star Wars?

Are you excited for your post-quarantine haircut too? How does it feel seeing someone like John Boyega hilariously calling out the same issues? Are you developing a Vegeta hairline right now too? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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