Studio Ghibli Teases Star Wars Project in New Promo

Studio Ghibli is one of the biggest names in animation, and now, it seems the company is ready to try its hand at a well-known IP. After all, the studio just took to Twitter and spun the Star Wars fandom into a tizzy. A new promo has been released by Studio Ghibli, and it suggests the company is working on some sort of Lucasfilm project behind the scenes.

As you can see below, the teaser is incredibly short, but it gets the message across. Studio Ghibli is working with Lucasfilm on some sort of project. Obviously, it makes sense that Star Wars would link the crossover as the series is Lucasfilm's biggest IP. And right now, there is a Star Wars show in the works that would suit the anime studio.

What Could This Be About?

What show might that be? Well, the name Star Wars: Visions should ring a bell. Lucasfilm teamed up with a slew of anime studios like Science SARU and Studio Bones to create the anime anthology. The original series was a hit on Disney+ and reports confirmed a second season was in the works once season one closed. The new season is still in production, so Studio Ghibli might be teasing its involvement with Star Wars: Visions.

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Of course, there is always the chance Star Wars has something entirely new in store for Studio Ghibli. The IP has expanded itself greatly in recent years thanks to Disney+. From The Mandalorian to Andor, Disney+ hosts lots of original Star Wars content, and there are still movies on the docket at Lucasfilm. So if Studio Ghibli wants to visit a galaxy far, far away, it has a few routes it can go. 

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