'Street of Rage 4' Trailer Has Some Serious Anime Ties

Street of Rage is raging back onto the scene with a new game, and fans are all down to try its new [...]

Street of Rage is raging back onto the scene with a new game, and fans are all down to try its new game out. The franchise made a comeback today with a big reveal trailer, and its anime ties may reel in new fans to the series.

As you can see above, a short trailer announcing Street of Rage 4 went live earlier today. The game will be designed by studios Lizardcube and Dotemu — and its quality is impossible to deny.

Directed by Yves Balak and produced by Bobby Prod, the trailer has some intriguing anime ties. If you watched the dynamic clip and were reminded of Naruto, there is reason for that. Yukio Takatsu was an artist who worked on the trailer, and fans will know him from working on Naruto. He has also worked on other anime such as Kaze no Stigma and Wolf's Rain to start. (via Catsuka)

Takatsu isn't the only one who worked on this trailer to dip their toes into anime. Juan Manuel Laguna did animation on this reel, but his previous work can be spotted in Devilman Crybaby and Lu Over The Wall. The artist has even done work on major anime franchises such as Crayon Shin-chan and Yo-kai Watch.

When it comes to designers, both Dotemu and Lizardcube come from worlds far away from anime. The companies both hail from France, but their ability to adopt an anime art style proves the medium transcends Japan. While some argue art can only be anime if it's from Japan, Street of Rage 4 is eager to prove aesthetics know no boundaries. And, if this trailer has anything to say, the game is going to do that with serious shonen flair.

If you are not familiar with Street of Rage, the game got its start with Sega in 1991. The title takes place in a city plagued with criminal activity, and a group of ex-police officers decide they have to stop the syndicates wreaking havoc. Axel Stone, Blaze Fielding, and Adam Hunter band together to stop crime, and the trio run into plenty of drama along the way.

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