Studio Ghibli's Music Library Now Available on Streaming Services

Studio Ghibli has hit the news in a number of different ways in the past year, and it has added a [...]

Studio Ghibli has hit the news in a number of different ways in the past year, and it has added a new notch in its belt with its music library ending up on numerous streaming services! With the legendary animation house creating some of the best anime films in the medium, the amazing music from the movies is now available for fans to listen to at their discretion. With around 38 soundtracks across their library, this announcement will definitely give fans of the Hayao Miyazaki backed studio hours of material to listen to!

With works like My Neighbor Totoro, Princess Mononoke, Nausicaa of the Valley Of The Wind, and Howl's Moving Castle to name a few, there isn't a lack of material to dive into when it comes to music. The subtle tunes do as much of a job of bringing audiences into the world of Studio Ghibli's creations as the voice work and animation do. Each film usually combines the mundane with the supernatural, and the music follows suit, creating a library that is able to bring you directly into the events that are taking place on the screen in an immersive way.

Tokuma_Japan made the announcement via their Official Twitter Account, letting fans of the animation studio know that the music can now be listened to at any time on several different platforms, proving that the modern age of music really helps in revisiting some of anime's biggest universes:

Studio Ghibli is looking to not only remain in the world of anime, but also has plans to open up an amusement park that will take patrons into the different worlds created by the animation house. While Universal Studios Japan has done something similar with attractions for anime series such as Attack On Titan, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Sailor Moon, this theme park will only be focused on the magical worlds that were created with the help of Hayao Miyazaki.

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